Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Welcome to the first edition of what will be a semi-occasional collection of thoughts that I currently don’t have the time to flesh into full posts/columns…

-         A quick suggestion for Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin: Before you each decide to go on respective local media outlets and declare concussion statuses, try getting together with one another first. Your messy little media dance over the last 24 hours was embarrassing for you both and made you look more like a great casting for Step Brothers 2 than a Super Bowl-contending Head Coach-QB combo.

"I don't concussion I have do, think I?"
-          As much as you (wrongly) hate him now, when Pedro Alvarez goes to the AL and drops 40 dingers, you’re gonna miss his furry face. Worse yet, what if we goes to Miami and Barry Bonds turned him into the second coming of Albert Pujols? Would that be a double-down on The Bonds Curse, or an all new curse of its own?

-          It’s always great when we can put aside what a boorish assh0le someone has been in the past to appreciate the best of their legacy because it’s their last go-‘round. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Kobe.) How much better is it though when we don’t have to push any off that aside, and can simply just appreciate a legend for being a good person who was good at something? …
…. I’ll give you some time to try and come up with a modern one of those.

-          If I had money to wager, I’d drop $100 on Evgeni Malkin to win the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP. Will he sustain the pace he’s on right now for the next 4½ months? Who knows. But if he keeps up at even half of it, he’s worth considering Bovada doesn’t even have him on the board right now. Only somewhat related, what mook is willing to bet ANYTHING on Sidney Crosby bouncing back to have the kind of season he’d have to have to win the same award, $1200 payout or not?

      Never in my lifetime has it felt like the futures of Pitt’s and Penn State’s football programs are heading in such divergent directions. If James Franklin is left in control at Penn State, and Pat Narduzzzi stays on with the Panthers, in 2-3 seasons Pitt will be competing for the ACC Championship and the Lions will be putzing around with yet another 4th place finish in the B1G East by virtue of the fact that Indiana, Maryland, and Rutgers are all in their division, and little else. 

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