Monday, November 30, 2015


The Best.

To be honest, if we have something we enjoy doing, we want to be The Best at that thing in some regard. Or at least associated with the best. For example, if we can’t be an NFL football player and go win a Super Bowl, we at the very least want to be a FAN of the team that wins it all. So, on the surface, this tournament is your chance to go ahead and make YOUR favorite holiday movie the BEST holiday movie, at least in this little corner of the universe.

Down below that superficial need to go ahead and get your favorite movies through the brackets and for you to “win” at something, is the incredible connection you can make with not just a film in general, but a holiday movie more specifically. There is something reassuring about sitting down with something that goes back, in some cases, as far as you remember, especially at this time of year.

And whether it be the NCAA basketball tournament, the College Football Playoff, or any other mostly subjective selection process, there will always be debate when a “Selection Sunday” comes around, and with The Chris Mack Holiday Movie Tournament upon us, this is no different. The time for fervent debate is upon us, and beginning Tuesday morning, the voting – YOUR voting – will decide which movie deserves the title of Best Holiday Movie EVER.

So, here are your brackets:

A reminder that each match-up will last 24 hours and be decided using the Twitter poll function on my timeline at, beginning December 1st and ending Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Thanks for taking part!


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