Sunday, December 4, 2011


With the annual Festivus 'Airing of Grievances' still a few weeks away, I wanted to capitalize on the good will I'm feeling now before it all melts away.

I want to thank all of you who have jumped on the #HireChrisMack bandwagon. For the many who undoubtedly haven't had the time to email Terry Foxx, the Program Director at 93.7 The Fan (, or tweet @937TheFan, and ask him to consider how I could help his radio station make the leap from 'good' to 'great,' I ask you take just a few minutes to do so at some point this week. Sure, you could be spending the holiday season with your family, or supporting a needy charity, but wouldn't it warm your heart to help a smart-ass, big-mouthed, "bridge-burning," over-opinionated sports talk show host find a job?

Thanks to everyone, from those of you in CBS, to the rest of you in the media and blogosphere, to those of you who just enjoy someone speaking honestly on the radio, for supporting me. Also, thanks to those who have suggested I knock this crusade off because all it will do is entrench Mr. Foxx even more in his "Chris Mack is clearly an unprofessional jerkface, therefore I must not hire him" position. I appreciate your concern and support as well. At this point though, if it hasn't been demonstrated what I and my listeners and followers and friends are capable of in just a few days, and what that could mean for The Fan's advertisers if given a shot on their airwaves, then I'm clearly barking up the wrong tree.

Regardless of what the future holds for me professionally, radio or otherwise, I want to thank everyone again for the support. Especially my wife, who would sometimes rather I abandon the industry that's treated me like crap for the past year. Your patience with me has been incredible, Tara.

Thank you.

Now go get the Festivus Pole out of the basement.


Dominic Errico said...

Bubba said I was unprofessional when I called him out for sucking on the Power's Facebook page.

Funny how the people who kiss ass to get where they are call those of us who are passionate in our job hunt "unprofessional."

Anonymous said...

December 29, 2010:
The Evolution Will Not Be On Terrestrial Radio

Since the plug was pulled on 1250 ESPN as a local sports talk radio option, the hue & cry from everyone has been "Please, give us something worthwhile to listen to... PLEASE!!"

For those of you sick of the same old formulaic sports talk, tired of Vinnie Richichi's lack of knowledge or Ron Cook's lack of personality, disgusted by 970's lack of signal, fed up with the same old ask a question-field some random calls-talk to a boring guest crap day after day after day, the call has been answered.

Trib Total Media has entered the world of broadcasting, and genius move: they've asked me to be a part of their venture.

Beginning Monday, January 17th the next step in the evolution of radio will be readily accessible on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop. And soon enough - if not already for a lot of you - in your car.

Trib Live Radio will launch that morning, and while I can't share a lot of the details yet, I can tell you two things I know for sure.

1) This will be available EVERYWHERE, regardless of whether you live in Blawnox or Bangladesh, Irwin or Israel, Tarentum or Tokyo. As soon as the details on the URL and/or app are available, you know I'll post it here. Internet radio will also soon be an in-dash option on most vehicles (While there are already a few manufacturers [Ford, BMW, Mini] with in-dash options on 2011 models, we're probably looking at 2012 if not 2013 model year for everybody else to catch up.), but in the meantime, it's already incredibly easy to stream internet radio in your car.

2) While I can't speak for anybody else's show, as far as my timeslot goes, this will not be the same old sports talk. Imagine Scott Ferrall slowed down about 30 BPMs but just as opinionated and with a twist of Howard Stern humor. I've been incredibly lucky to work with and learn from some great people. I've come on immediately following Howard during his final days with CBS/K-Rock, I've produced & co-hosted with Stan & Guy, and I worked for a guy who in the '90s had a hand in turning sports radio on its ear in Dallas, in Mike Thompson. I've learned a ton from all of them as well as many others, and it will all go in to what I hope KNOW will be the best damn radio show you've heard in a long, loooong time. No bullshit, no gratuitous ass-kissing, and a ton of YOU, the listener, interacting.

The battle to save radio as an actual entertainment medium begins January 17th at, and I know you'll all want to be in on it. The evolution has begun...

Anonymous said...

So much for the evolution.

Anonymous said...

Chris, what do you do for a living?

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