Sunday, October 9, 2011


Think of the opposing team you get more amped up to see than any other. Not necessarily because they're a rival, but because they're a great measuring stick. And you're tired of hearing how good they are. Now imagine they're coming to town for your team's season opener. Their superstar is out, so you're feeling good about your team's chance to get past 'em.


Then you realize even without the superstar they're still a championship caliber team. And that if your team doesn't fly around for 60+ minutes like they put methamphetamine syrup on their Eggos that morning, they're gonna have some problems.

So it was for Calgary Flames fans Saturday night.

In the land of Nickelback and Lanny MacDonald mustache rides, the Flames came out... well, on fire.

Then the Penguins remembered they were the better team. They started shooting the puck. A lot. (16 in the 2nd period alone, four of which got past Mikka Kiprusoff) They started getting bodies to the net to go with those pucks. They had another pair of power play goals. (Yes, they're now clicking at 50% on this very young season.) And they did more than just withstand Calgary's early storm. They countered with one of their own. And it proved to be more than the Flames, adrenaline and all, could handle.


Relentless Forecheck said...

Good post. Calgary did come out on the charge and clearly shocked the Pens. Once the Pens settled in, they took control easily and the Flames were extinguished. I'll give the Pens a little slack since they're on a tough road swing, but they let up in the third two straight games and it nearly cost them both. Gotta play 60 minutes, but can't complain about 2-0!

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